Sunday, July 18, 2010

God is Faithful!

Wow!  I am in pure amazement at our God and how faithful He is! 

Today, we were feeling kind of down about our garage sale that we have coming up this next weekend.  (We realized that with our estimated travel date we are about 10 weeks away.. and we have about $500. We have a LOT of money to raise in a very short amount of time.) We had enough for maybe half a table.. if we spread it out! Yesterday I was sitting at the computer going over where we were and what we needed to make this garage sale happen and wondering where on earth we were going to get enough stuff to sell... not a minute later after telling God that He was gonna have to provide or we were going to have to cancel the garage sale my phone rings and it is Mary Malone telling me that another couple out of North OKC/Edmond is finishing up their garage sale for their adoption and have items left over they wanted to know if we'd like to have for ours!!!  I called and was told they had a TON of stuff left and we could have it all if we'd just come get it and box it up!  WOW!  Than you Jeuss!!  How amazing is it that God worked it out so quickly and timely!  I had just prayed that God would come through for us in a big way for the financial responsibility of this adoption.  Great!! 

So, we call family and make arrangements to borrow trucks and hands to help pack and load the items.. no clue how much it was.. we took 2 trucks and the Gowers actually offered to load up their vehicle and drive another load to our house as well!! What a blessing.. THREE truckloads of stuff for our garage sale!  All FREE!  Thank you LORD!!  Thank you Gower family for being willing to share the blessings and help us save our son! 

I know it has been a few days since my last post and a lot has happened.  We did get our USCIS (immigration) paperwork out in the mail on July 15 and it should arrive tomorrow at the TX office.  We have finally received all the documentation we needed to provide for our homestudy.  I have sent her an email to see where she is at on things and if she has received the other docs she needed from DHS (child abuse checks) and OSBI (background checks).  Hope to hear from her tomorrow. 

We got a flyer printed up for our Night for Sergiy and have a final for our ZUMBATHON that I am working to get to the printer- having email issues.. If you or someone you know has a store front, break room, church, work .. anywhere that would be willing to hang a poster for our events let me know and I can definately get some to you. 

We have 3 big events planned in the coming 6 weeks in which we are hoping to meet our financial needs for the adoption.  We have an event every two weeks!  You are more than welcome to attend and invite anyone to any and or all of these events.  We need everyone's help to bring our son home to his forever family! 

Here's an updated schedule of events

What:  Benefit Garage sale

When:  Starting Thurs July 22 thru Sat July 24th opening at 7 am closing ?? 

Where: Our home
           2008 Ridgewood Dr 
           Off NE 27th and I-35

Cost:  Donations / as priced

What: S.O.S. ZUMBATHON (Save Our Son)

When: Saturday August 7th from 3pm to 5pm (doors open at 2pm)
Where: FBC Moore Rec Center
            301 NE 27th St

Cost: $10 Suggested Donation at the door

Special Instructions:  Come ready to have a great time, wear good shoes and be ready to sweat!  ENTER through the REC CENTER DOORS on the NORTH side of the building

What:  A Night for Sergiy - Dinner and Silent Auction
              Including comedy, music, dinner, silent auction and guest speakers!

When:  August 20, 2010

Where:  FBC Moore Fellowship Center
             301 NE 27th St

Cost:  $15 a person $5 per family childcare     Auction Bidding

Special Instructions:  PLEASE purchase your dinner tickets and child care in ADVANCE by AUGUST 6th so we can prepare enough food and have enough child care workers by using the DONATE button to the right of this post or contact Alecia at 405-863-7644 to make arrangements. 

Sergiy should have received his letter from us this weekend to let him know we are coming for him and that he has a loving family working very hard to bring him home to love on him and give him his forever home!  So excited about that!  I can't sleep .. it is 1:30 in the morning and all I am thinking is if he got that letter and if so what does he think?  Is he excited?  Does he believe that it is really true that he has a family that loves him and is coming to save him? He is probably up eating breakfast about now - is he telling all his friends that he has a family?  Is he looking at the picture with as much longing as we look at his?  I can't wait to hug him!! I can't wait to wrap my arms around him and to see him with his Daddy!  What a great day it will be.. soon and very soon!  Then to come home and unite him with his siblings who are so anxiously awaiting his arrival and praying for him everyday!  Brings tears to my eyes!! 

 I realized earlier today that it has actually been 3 weeks ago today that we started this process and look how far we've come!  Thank the Lord that He has been faithful and is providing for us.  I pray now and claim now that the paperwork will get into the right hands and be moved quickly through the processes to be able to get our fingerprint appt and our approval from immigration (171), our completed homestudy docs and for us to be able to gather all our docs needed for the Dossier (Paperwork for Sergiy's country for the adoption)  The Dossier said Dos-eee-a is a HUGE packet of legal paperwork that you have to fill out and then attach supporting docs.. each page must be notarized and then apostilled which is basically a notary of the notary and that costs $10 PER PAGE!  WOWZA!  Did I mention the Dossier is 33 pages long!?  :) 

Well, I am finally getting tired after this brain dump and hope I will be able to get some rest!  Big week ahead!  Thank you all for your loving support and prayers for our family.  Please continue to lift us up and pray for Sergiy's heart to be open and ready for us to love him and to love us back.  Please pray for our kids we have at home now during this time of waiting and also for adjusting when we are gone and when we get back.  Pray that a responsible young adult or a family to stay in our home with our kids for the 6 wks we are to be in country.  Pray for the process and for us to have EXTREME FAVOR in each step so we can make that goal of October or sooner to get our boy! 

BTW, in case I haven't told everyone why we are pushing for an October travel date it is because the country SHUTS DOWN about Nov 20 or so and does not re open until Late January and then they are backlogged and playing catch up.  If we don't get in country and out by then we will not be able to go get him until next spring and we don't want him to have to spend any more time than he has to in the orphanage!  We want our son home with us where he belongs!!  We don't want him to have to spend another birthday in the orphanage.  We need EVERYONE'S help to make this happen! 

Please spread the word!  Share our blog or family site with your friends and family.  Tell others about our events and invite them to come help save the life of an orphan.

James 1:27 and Jer 29:11

Let's give Sergiy a future and a hope!

If you would like to see how to help us financially click on the donate button on the right of this column or you can visit our family website at 

Thank you!


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