Saturday, July 24, 2010

Garage Sale Weekend MIRACLES HAPPEN!

Well, after a long and tiring 3 days in the heat for our garage sale we are done! :) YAY!  We really do not like to do garage sales.. let me tell you how our last garage sale went.. set everything up.. sit for 2 hours.. write FREE on the sign and go inside to the cool air! LOL 

We for sure did not do that this time around as we were working with a purpose!  We had pictures of our boy all around and were telling everyone about him!  Everyday I and one other person counted the money for each day.  We had counted $400 on day one .. $435 on day two and today we only had $150.. welllllll,  we prayed over this money everyday and asked many of you to do the same.. we counted a final count tonight and including a donation check that came in the mail of $100 we finaled out our garage sale at $1225.69!!! 

What a miracle!  God is so good!!  We prayed for God to have his hand on it and to multiply everything that came in!  We set a goal at the beginning to make $1200 and looky what God did! :)   Wow!  I am amazed!  I was in tears as we counted!  What a blessing!

God ANSWERS prayers!!  God CAN AND WILL PROVIDE for what He has called you to do!  If you are thinking about adopting and are feeling the calling to do so  but are afraid of the costs..   Have faith God will provide! 

We also set up our table for the first time in the Atrium at church for the Wednesday night meal and we were able to get the word out to lots of new people.   I was praying the other day about what else we could do to bring in additional funds that would add up quickly and help us get to our goal and God reminded me of what our kids did.. they donated all their change.  Change adds up!  Sooooooo we went to the dollar store, bought 17 jars and made up a little paper that says Save Sergiy by Saving Your Change!  We checked them out to donors and they are filling them up with their spare change and returning them.  We have piggy banks for the families with smaller kiddos so it makes it even more fun :)  

We handed out 13 of the original 17 so far and we restocked yesterday so if you want one to put at your home to empty your spare change into when you come home or one to put in your office for co workers to contribute or however you'd like to fill the jar please let us know and we'll be sure to get one to you!

We had so many donations of items for the garage sale we have a lot of it left so we can have another one later.  So, we'd like you to consider clearing out your closets and garages and whatever storage you may have to see if you have anything you could donate towards our next garage sale.  I know we did this one with pretty short notice so many of you didn't have time to get stuff together so here's your chance- start gathering and bringing it over as you want.  :)   We plan to move it to our friend's the Bradley's house that is on a VERY busy main st to get more traffic too!  YAY!!
Well, that is your update for this weekend. 

Here is our prayer request list for this week:

Prayer changes things so here goes! :)

1.  Pray for Sergiy as he is in the orphanage and all alone with no family and no love. Pray he will feel our love for him and have hope that we are coming for him.

2.  Also for me to be able to get all the paperwork we can done and ready to go in our Dossier this week (His Country Adoption paperwork)

3.  Pray for the USCIS paperwork (immigration paperwork) to be process QUICKLY and for the I-171 to be complted and sent out SOON!!!  We need this to move on with anything else.  And to also get our Fingerprint apppointment and that it will be SOON as well. both come from them

4.  Pray for DHS to complete and send our child abuse checks to our Social worker so she can formally complete the Homestudy.

5.  Pray for the upcoming ZUMBATHON on August 7th that we will have the BEST turn out possible and that we will fill the gym!  Pray for safety of everyone participating as with any excersise we want to be safe! :)

6.  Be praying for our Dinner and Silent Auction on August 20th for there to be a great turnout and for all the silent auction items to come in and for them to sell as well.

7. Be praying for me this week as I am working on filling Apron orders (got lots and am behind~)

 8.  We are on a VERY tight timeline to get paperwork off and back and sent off again to get in country in time to get him this year.  PLEASE pray for SPEEDY and FAVORABLE action on all of our paperwork and processes that must be done.

9.  Please pray over every amount that comes into us to be MULTIPLIED and to increase day after day so that we can meet the financial need to bring Sergiy home.  We have 9 weeks to raise $25,000! 

10.  Pray that God will give us ideas to help raise the money and that they will be incredibly successful as that is what we need to make this happen! :)


1.  We got all the docs needed from our end for the Homestudy to be completed

2.  We heard from the Social Worker and she hopes to have the Completed Home Study done the first week of August (as long as she gets the DHS Child abuse check in)

3.  We got Bryan's passport in this week

4.  We had a GREAT turn out for the Garage sale and lots of items donated from multiple families that made that possible!

5.  We got our USCIS paperwork sent of and it was delivered this week (immigration paperwork)

6.  We were able to get a free appraisal on our Solid Oak Hand Carved Full Size Antique Bed Frame (headboard and footboard) for FREE!

7.  We have more items for the silent auction for our dinner

8.  I had great company to help with the garage sale that helped the time pass and to get all organized and just have fun!  Thank you Lord for Wendy and my brothers Mark and Matthew and my hubby Bryan today! And the rest of the Bradley crew as they helped with kids and teardown too - oh and the necessary Sonic run! :)

9.  God is giving us peace about every step of the way and assuring us he's got our back!

10.  I got to talk to my lil brother about his spiritual walk and relationship with Christ this week as well and he is coming closer to making his decision to live for Christ and this is the best news ever!!

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and pray over us and all our requests and to just be there for us!  It means so much to us!



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  1. Yay!! That is so exciting!! So glad to hear! God truly does provide that is for sure! Let me know when you have your next sale! The change idea was an awesome idea! Great thinking. Good luck with everything. Leaving in a few days so I'll have to touch base & see how things are going once we're back. Praying for you all!