Friday, July 30, 2010

T Shirtsssssssssssss!!!!

We have a design for our ADOPT t shirts! 

Doesn't it look great!?

When you Adopt or support Adoption you are giving



and a


to the forgotton.

These shirts show those powerful words along with two scriptures
God has spoken to us in our Adoption Journey: 
James 1:27 and Jeremiah 29:11

To order your T Shirt today click on the DONATE button to the Right of the blog

You DO NOT have to have a paypal account to order.. just continue without logging in.

Be sure to put your name and size of shirt you need

Pricing is as follows:

Small - XL  $15

XXL and up  $17

IF you live outside of OK and want one shipped to you it can be done for $4.95 additional

A portion of your purchase goes to support the Horner Family Adoption.

Thank you!!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Garage Sale Weekend MIRACLES HAPPEN!

Well, after a long and tiring 3 days in the heat for our garage sale we are done! :) YAY!  We really do not like to do garage sales.. let me tell you how our last garage sale went.. set everything up.. sit for 2 hours.. write FREE on the sign and go inside to the cool air! LOL 

We for sure did not do that this time around as we were working with a purpose!  We had pictures of our boy all around and were telling everyone about him!  Everyday I and one other person counted the money for each day.  We had counted $400 on day one .. $435 on day two and today we only had $150.. welllllll,  we prayed over this money everyday and asked many of you to do the same.. we counted a final count tonight and including a donation check that came in the mail of $100 we finaled out our garage sale at $1225.69!!! 

What a miracle!  God is so good!!  We prayed for God to have his hand on it and to multiply everything that came in!  We set a goal at the beginning to make $1200 and looky what God did! :)   Wow!  I am amazed!  I was in tears as we counted!  What a blessing!

God ANSWERS prayers!!  God CAN AND WILL PROVIDE for what He has called you to do!  If you are thinking about adopting and are feeling the calling to do so  but are afraid of the costs..   Have faith God will provide! 

We also set up our table for the first time in the Atrium at church for the Wednesday night meal and we were able to get the word out to lots of new people.   I was praying the other day about what else we could do to bring in additional funds that would add up quickly and help us get to our goal and God reminded me of what our kids did.. they donated all their change.  Change adds up!  Sooooooo we went to the dollar store, bought 17 jars and made up a little paper that says Save Sergiy by Saving Your Change!  We checked them out to donors and they are filling them up with their spare change and returning them.  We have piggy banks for the families with smaller kiddos so it makes it even more fun :)  

We handed out 13 of the original 17 so far and we restocked yesterday so if you want one to put at your home to empty your spare change into when you come home or one to put in your office for co workers to contribute or however you'd like to fill the jar please let us know and we'll be sure to get one to you!

We had so many donations of items for the garage sale we have a lot of it left so we can have another one later.  So, we'd like you to consider clearing out your closets and garages and whatever storage you may have to see if you have anything you could donate towards our next garage sale.  I know we did this one with pretty short notice so many of you didn't have time to get stuff together so here's your chance- start gathering and bringing it over as you want.  :)   We plan to move it to our friend's the Bradley's house that is on a VERY busy main st to get more traffic too!  YAY!!
Well, that is your update for this weekend. 

Here is our prayer request list for this week:

Prayer changes things so here goes! :)

1.  Pray for Sergiy as he is in the orphanage and all alone with no family and no love. Pray he will feel our love for him and have hope that we are coming for him.

2.  Also for me to be able to get all the paperwork we can done and ready to go in our Dossier this week (His Country Adoption paperwork)

3.  Pray for the USCIS paperwork (immigration paperwork) to be process QUICKLY and for the I-171 to be complted and sent out SOON!!!  We need this to move on with anything else.  And to also get our Fingerprint apppointment and that it will be SOON as well. both come from them

4.  Pray for DHS to complete and send our child abuse checks to our Social worker so she can formally complete the Homestudy.

5.  Pray for the upcoming ZUMBATHON on August 7th that we will have the BEST turn out possible and that we will fill the gym!  Pray for safety of everyone participating as with any excersise we want to be safe! :)

6.  Be praying for our Dinner and Silent Auction on August 20th for there to be a great turnout and for all the silent auction items to come in and for them to sell as well.

7. Be praying for me this week as I am working on filling Apron orders (got lots and am behind~)

 8.  We are on a VERY tight timeline to get paperwork off and back and sent off again to get in country in time to get him this year.  PLEASE pray for SPEEDY and FAVORABLE action on all of our paperwork and processes that must be done.

9.  Please pray over every amount that comes into us to be MULTIPLIED and to increase day after day so that we can meet the financial need to bring Sergiy home.  We have 9 weeks to raise $25,000! 

10.  Pray that God will give us ideas to help raise the money and that they will be incredibly successful as that is what we need to make this happen! :)


1.  We got all the docs needed from our end for the Homestudy to be completed

2.  We heard from the Social Worker and she hopes to have the Completed Home Study done the first week of August (as long as she gets the DHS Child abuse check in)

3.  We got Bryan's passport in this week

4.  We had a GREAT turn out for the Garage sale and lots of items donated from multiple families that made that possible!

5.  We got our USCIS paperwork sent of and it was delivered this week (immigration paperwork)

6.  We were able to get a free appraisal on our Solid Oak Hand Carved Full Size Antique Bed Frame (headboard and footboard) for FREE!

7.  We have more items for the silent auction for our dinner

8.  I had great company to help with the garage sale that helped the time pass and to get all organized and just have fun!  Thank you Lord for Wendy and my brothers Mark and Matthew and my hubby Bryan today! And the rest of the Bradley crew as they helped with kids and teardown too - oh and the necessary Sonic run! :)

9.  God is giving us peace about every step of the way and assuring us he's got our back!

10.  I got to talk to my lil brother about his spiritual walk and relationship with Christ this week as well and he is coming closer to making his decision to live for Christ and this is the best news ever!!

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and pray over us and all our requests and to just be there for us!  It means so much to us!



Sunday, July 18, 2010

God is Faithful!

Wow!  I am in pure amazement at our God and how faithful He is! 

Today, we were feeling kind of down about our garage sale that we have coming up this next weekend.  (We realized that with our estimated travel date we are about 10 weeks away.. and we have about $500. We have a LOT of money to raise in a very short amount of time.) We had enough for maybe half a table.. if we spread it out! Yesterday I was sitting at the computer going over where we were and what we needed to make this garage sale happen and wondering where on earth we were going to get enough stuff to sell... not a minute later after telling God that He was gonna have to provide or we were going to have to cancel the garage sale my phone rings and it is Mary Malone telling me that another couple out of North OKC/Edmond is finishing up their garage sale for their adoption and have items left over they wanted to know if we'd like to have for ours!!!  I called and was told they had a TON of stuff left and we could have it all if we'd just come get it and box it up!  WOW!  Than you Jeuss!!  How amazing is it that God worked it out so quickly and timely!  I had just prayed that God would come through for us in a big way for the financial responsibility of this adoption.  Great!! 

So, we call family and make arrangements to borrow trucks and hands to help pack and load the items.. no clue how much it was.. we took 2 trucks and the Gowers actually offered to load up their vehicle and drive another load to our house as well!! What a blessing.. THREE truckloads of stuff for our garage sale!  All FREE!  Thank you LORD!!  Thank you Gower family for being willing to share the blessings and help us save our son! 

I know it has been a few days since my last post and a lot has happened.  We did get our USCIS (immigration) paperwork out in the mail on July 15 and it should arrive tomorrow at the TX office.  We have finally received all the documentation we needed to provide for our homestudy.  I have sent her an email to see where she is at on things and if she has received the other docs she needed from DHS (child abuse checks) and OSBI (background checks).  Hope to hear from her tomorrow. 

We got a flyer printed up for our Night for Sergiy and have a final for our ZUMBATHON that I am working to get to the printer- having email issues.. If you or someone you know has a store front, break room, church, work .. anywhere that would be willing to hang a poster for our events let me know and I can definately get some to you. 

We have 3 big events planned in the coming 6 weeks in which we are hoping to meet our financial needs for the adoption.  We have an event every two weeks!  You are more than welcome to attend and invite anyone to any and or all of these events.  We need everyone's help to bring our son home to his forever family! 

Here's an updated schedule of events

What:  Benefit Garage sale

When:  Starting Thurs July 22 thru Sat July 24th opening at 7 am closing ?? 

Where: Our home
           2008 Ridgewood Dr 
           Off NE 27th and I-35

Cost:  Donations / as priced

What: S.O.S. ZUMBATHON (Save Our Son)

When: Saturday August 7th from 3pm to 5pm (doors open at 2pm)
Where: FBC Moore Rec Center
            301 NE 27th St

Cost: $10 Suggested Donation at the door

Special Instructions:  Come ready to have a great time, wear good shoes and be ready to sweat!  ENTER through the REC CENTER DOORS on the NORTH side of the building

What:  A Night for Sergiy - Dinner and Silent Auction
              Including comedy, music, dinner, silent auction and guest speakers!

When:  August 20, 2010

Where:  FBC Moore Fellowship Center
             301 NE 27th St

Cost:  $15 a person $5 per family childcare     Auction Bidding

Special Instructions:  PLEASE purchase your dinner tickets and child care in ADVANCE by AUGUST 6th so we can prepare enough food and have enough child care workers by using the DONATE button to the right of this post or contact Alecia at 405-863-7644 to make arrangements. 

Sergiy should have received his letter from us this weekend to let him know we are coming for him and that he has a loving family working very hard to bring him home to love on him and give him his forever home!  So excited about that!  I can't sleep .. it is 1:30 in the morning and all I am thinking is if he got that letter and if so what does he think?  Is he excited?  Does he believe that it is really true that he has a family that loves him and is coming to save him? He is probably up eating breakfast about now - is he telling all his friends that he has a family?  Is he looking at the picture with as much longing as we look at his?  I can't wait to hug him!! I can't wait to wrap my arms around him and to see him with his Daddy!  What a great day it will be.. soon and very soon!  Then to come home and unite him with his siblings who are so anxiously awaiting his arrival and praying for him everyday!  Brings tears to my eyes!! 

 I realized earlier today that it has actually been 3 weeks ago today that we started this process and look how far we've come!  Thank the Lord that He has been faithful and is providing for us.  I pray now and claim now that the paperwork will get into the right hands and be moved quickly through the processes to be able to get our fingerprint appt and our approval from immigration (171), our completed homestudy docs and for us to be able to gather all our docs needed for the Dossier (Paperwork for Sergiy's country for the adoption)  The Dossier said Dos-eee-a is a HUGE packet of legal paperwork that you have to fill out and then attach supporting docs.. each page must be notarized and then apostilled which is basically a notary of the notary and that costs $10 PER PAGE!  WOWZA!  Did I mention the Dossier is 33 pages long!?  :) 

Well, I am finally getting tired after this brain dump and hope I will be able to get some rest!  Big week ahead!  Thank you all for your loving support and prayers for our family.  Please continue to lift us up and pray for Sergiy's heart to be open and ready for us to love him and to love us back.  Please pray for our kids we have at home now during this time of waiting and also for adjusting when we are gone and when we get back.  Pray that a responsible young adult or a family to stay in our home with our kids for the 6 wks we are to be in country.  Pray for the process and for us to have EXTREME FAVOR in each step so we can make that goal of October or sooner to get our boy! 

BTW, in case I haven't told everyone why we are pushing for an October travel date it is because the country SHUTS DOWN about Nov 20 or so and does not re open until Late January and then they are backlogged and playing catch up.  If we don't get in country and out by then we will not be able to go get him until next spring and we don't want him to have to spend any more time than he has to in the orphanage!  We want our son home with us where he belongs!!  We don't want him to have to spend another birthday in the orphanage.  We need EVERYONE'S help to make this happen! 

Please spread the word!  Share our blog or family site with your friends and family.  Tell others about our events and invite them to come help save the life of an orphan.

James 1:27 and Jer 29:11

Let's give Sergiy a future and a hope!

If you would like to see how to help us financially click on the donate button on the right of this column or you can visit our family website at 

Thank you!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My adventurous day!!

Today was a busy, busy day!   We have a huge list of papers we have to either obtain, get copies of, have certified, have notorized, have apostilled .. all kinds of things.  Well, this list was starting to overwhelm me.  I needed to go to several offices to get each of these items and was not looking forward to taking all three little kids with me.  I knew it had to be done though so we could move forward... well, I prayed and thank God for answered prayers and great friends!  I was able to take the kids to a friends house to play for the afternoon while I ran around town getting all the documents I needed to get today.

Here is my afternoon in a nutshell..  12:45 pm drop kids off at Wendy's. (no, not the restraunt!)  ha  Head to the Health Department off Lincoln to get another certified copy of Bryan's birth certificate (bc) .. we had one but it is off with his passport and we don't know how long till they get it back and it is holding us up.. so we just got another..  1pm in line to turn in the application.. I filled it out online to save myself time.. bah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.. Wait in line to turn in application and prove identity for the next hour and a half.. 2:30 pm  finally get through the application line and go to the cashier to pay for said bc.. 2:35pm sit in almost EMPTY waiting area to take the application and receipt to the clerk to have it "searched" for.  2:40 pm called back to the desk to have it pulled up and printed in less than 2 minutes.  Out the door by 2:45 pm.  Note the humerous part is that they say it is a 30 minute process when coming in person... bah... ha... ha... ha..  :)

Really fun part was that as soon as I got in line there is a lady sitting on a block of some sort in the office and is chomping her gum in the most obnoxious way possible.. ummm.. picture a cow.. chewing.. and chewing and chewing.. and she was in her mid drift and booty shorts.. did I mention she is a grandma and had way too much legs for those shorts!?  She was also "taking care of" her grandson, Marcus.  By taking care of I mean yelling across the room at him .. Marcus!  Marcus!  No, don't do that Marcus.. Marcus come to grandma.. no Marcus, come back over here.. Marcus!  Well, after about 5 min of her incessant chomping and yelling and Marcus still just running around I was done hearing it over and over.. She said Marcus!  again and I said under my breath "really"  well.. as luck would have it guess who is right in front of me?  Yep, you got it.. Marcus' mom!  LOL  She then says Marcus.. go to grandma.. I think whoops! Oh well, maybe she'll realize it is annoying and get grandma to take Marcus for a walk or something.  ha.. well, Grandma finally did take Marcus for a walk and then came back.. with cookies.  Of course we have moved about 2 feet since she left about 20 minutes earlier and so Marcus comes in and runs straight to Mommy and Grandma is at it again.. Marcus, Marcus, Marcus, come to grandma.. leave mommy alone.. come to grandma and Mommy is holding Marcus' hand .. hmm.. how is this supposed to work? LOL funny thing is Marcus was so sweet and quiet and was just walking around the group not really bothering anyone or getting into anything.  After a while I found it pretty funny .. you either laugh or cry right?  I also had an elderly gentleman behind me in line that kept trying to crack little funnies.  Then after being in line next to me for probably 30 min or more he realized everyone in line had applications.. where do you get the applications he asks.. I told directed him to the table and saved his spot.  He went over and filled one out came back in line and is upset that there was only one on the table and it was halfway filled out.. so he just scribbled out their info and put his. LOL  A little while later someone finally came to refill the table with apps and I suggested he go get another since we obviously had plenty of time for him to do so and he did.. he came back in line and realized he forgot some info and had to go back.. then came back again and realized he didn't sign it.. He borrowed my pen and stack of files this time. LOL  It was pretty entertaining between the old man saying he'd have to change his birthday by the time he got to the front of the line (think he meant his age) and Marcus' Grandma.  I couldn't help but smile. 

After FINALLY getting the birth certificate I headed over to the court clerks office to get my 2 copies of our Marriage License (ml)  I was sent from one office to another and then from one end of that office to the other to pay for it then back to the other side to pick it up.  The lady that made the copies said to pay first then come get them after I had my receipt.. well, I came back to get them and she was gone.. the copies were RIGHT THERE... what to do what to do?? Another gentleman there said I think those are yours.. I said they are but can I just take them.. hmmm I dunno??  We try to get several people's attention and no one responds.. a few minutes later the clerk returns and says.. they are right there you could just take them.  nice. lol.  I am headed out the door and all of a sudden numerous people are yelling at me MA'AM!  I turn around and get nevermind.. and then people saying look what you made her do she came back in here.. don't know what that was about.. maybe they thought I was someone else.. so after that laugh off I go to the next stop. 

3:30 pm Social Security office.  I never updated the older kid's SS cards after their adoption was final and needed to get that done so I took their adoption paperwork, their birth certificates and their ss cards in.. I get my number, fill out my forms.. whoops forgot to save myself time to do those online before this stop.. oh well.. then am called up to the desk.  I give the clerk all my paperwork and my DL and she says.. hmmm this is too old.. we need proof of their id.. What?!  I have certified copies of all the docs and you need more!?  Ok what do you need?  BTW, I haven't done this over the last 3 yrs b/c I usually have the kiddos with me when I am able to go and don't want them with me .. they don't know they are adopted by Bryan. :) PS  What a great guy I have!! :)   Thank you Lord!   So anyway, I say really?? You need more docs ok what she says school records or shot records or medical records.. suggests I go to the Health department to get them and come right back.. mind you they close at 4pm.  I jump in the car and high tail it to the health department thankfully they are not too far away since it is cleveland county.. I go in .. get my  number and no one is moving.. then.. I see a familiar face!  A friend who works there sees me comes right up takes my number trashes it and says what do you need?  I got copies of all the shot records lickety split and was on my way back to the SS office.  Made it back to the SS office at 3:50pm - whew 10 min to spare!  Thank you Lord or it might be another 3 years! lol  I get back in get another number and am called up.. this poor lady must have a really rough life or just had a bad day.. she didn't even make eye contact with me when speaking and never I mean never even cracked a smile. I kept trying to get her to make eye contact with me and smiled with everything I said and nothing.  That really bugged me.  I finally told her she should smile more and asked her if she was having a bad day to which she straight faced replied NO.  I bid her a good day and smiled as big as I could and thanked her for her help.  I am gonna pray for her!  She needs some JOY!  I'm sure that is not the greatest job in the world but surely you can learn to make the best of it! 

So from there I run to Office Depot to pick up our fantabulous flyers for our Night for Sergiy that our friend Chuck made and they are AWWWWESOME!!!!  I then run back to get gas and asked if they'd post a sign and was given a roll of tape and hung it right by the door!~  YAY!!  Got some gas and headed to pick up the kiddos.  Whew! Got it all done.. for today anyway! 

We then took some flyers to the church and handed some out to friends there and some of them are local biz owners and they agreed to put them in their shops!! PTL!!  Broadway Florist and Master's House Art Gallery both are putting them up in their shops.  :)  We handed lots out tonight and are hoping to get permission from the Church and many other businesses to post them around town.  If YOU or anyone you know has  store front or a breakroom that you could post one in we'd appreciate it!  We need everyone's help to get the word out!  We have 8 to 10 weeks to raise $25,000 to get our son! 

Btw, I don't know that I've ever gone into much detail on what all that covers and I think that is a good piece of info to share.  It covers many things including passports, visas, airfair, travel expenses, a facilitator to handle the adoption, a translator, a bunch of docs combined that is called the Dossier, background checks, child abuse checks, fingerprints, immigration paperwork and much more I'm probably forgetting but that is the basics for sure.  So, when you see $25 K and think that is a lot, yes it is but GOD will provide and he has a plan and will work it all out!  I am not looking at the big number, I am taking it day by day, step by step and trusting God for that next step.  :)

I hope you all have enjoyed reading about my adventurous day and have a wonderful night's rest! 

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Updates, Updates, Updates!

Hello Everyone!

Well, it has been a busy week of planning and paperwork and planning and paperwork and planning.. you get the picture right?  ;)  I am going to post a list of all the things we have on the calendar so far that YOU, yes YOU are invited to along with EVERYONE you know!!  The more the merrier!

               Saturday July 24, 2010 GARAGE SALE - 2008 Ridgewood Dr.  Moore, OK  73160  -
                      We need YOUR stuff or your Momma's stuff, your Daddy's stuff, your.. you get it right? 
We need items to sell for the garage sale :)   Donations being accepted now till the 23rd.  Please only donate things you know can be sold fairly easily.  We do not want to sell clothes or really old torn up toys.  Think things like furniture, larger toys, outside toys.. anything but JUNK please :)   We would also LOVE help for this day!!

Saturday August 7th from 3pm - 5 pm  ZUMBATHON at FBC Moore Recreation Center  - $10 suggested donation - doors open at 2 pm for registration.  Please invite everyone you know to this event it is a blast and you get a great work out!!  Lots of fun!  If you are unable to dance / workout then please come anyway and you can help in one of many areas!  I need atleast 8 volunteers to help with water sales, registration, zumba wear sales and a donation table for giveaway items and puzzle pieces.  PLEASE let me know if you can help me with working a table!  :)  Thanks!

Friday August 20th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm  - A NIGHT FOR SERGIY- Dinner and Silent Auctuion -FBC Moore Fellowship Center  
$15 a person / $5 for childcare PER FAMILY!!

Please purchase tickets for your dinner and childcare online thru the link on the right of this post.  If you are taking advantage of the child care I need to know how many kids, names and ages so we can have enough staff and have them in the right locations.  The dinner will be italian themed meaning spaghetti, lasagna, bread, salad, tea and lemonade.  (had to post the kid with the sgetti pic that was too funny!)

We will have a comedian, music and guest speakers!  The silent auction also promises to be full of great items for your bidding pleasure including an Autographed basketball from Blake Griffin, Scentsy, Creative Memories, Close to my heart, Handmade items including cross stich, photography sessions, zumba lessons/parties, haircare and much more!  If you or someone you know has something you would like to donate for the silent auction, please let us know!  We appreciate all the donations!!  This night is going to be a blast!  Hope you can make it!   There are cards at the west desk at FBC Moore with all the info on it if you'd like to pick up a few to hand out to friends and family as an invite/reminder.  We will also be having the drawings for the giveaway tickets purchased for the iPhone 4, YES THE NEW iPhone ~ and a complete Arbonne anti-aging skin care set during the evening as well!


On going fundraiser opportunities are:

Puzzle fundraiser - We have purchased an "Old Glory" 1000 piece photomosaic puzzle for Sergiy.  This is a really neat and personal opportunity to donate towards bringing our son home.  The puzzle is a picture of the American Flag that is made up of many smaller pictures of things that happen here in the US and landmarks.  He longs to come to America so we think this puzzle is perfect for him.  Each piece of the puzzle sells for $10 meaning when we are done with this puzzle we will have raised $10,000!  That is a huge chunk of our costs!   When you purchase a puzzle piece your name or the name of a loved one you choose is written on the back of your piece.  When all the pieces of the puzzle are purchased we will then put the puzzle together making a beautiful photo of our country's flag that stand for freedom and on the reverse side it will have the names of each and everyone of you who donate towards this fundraiser to help bring him home and give him freedom!  It will be given to Sergiy when he comes home and will be in a double sided frame where he can always see and know what the flag stands for and who helped to bring him home.  Priceless!  We currently have 987 pieces available.  This is a great thing for families to do or grandparents to put in honor of their kids/ grandkids. 

Giveaway items - (we can't call them R_ffles! - some Oklahoma law)  anyway.. we are giving away two amazing gifts! 

The latest and greatest iPhone 4 and a complete Arbonne RE9 Advanced Anti Aging skin care set (men or women can use both of these!! )  

Tickets for the giveaway items will be on sale at all the events or can be purchased via the good ole US Mail by sending your request for how many tickets and which item with your donation to

Bryan or Alecia Horner
2008 Ridgewood Dr. 
Moore, OK  73160 

PLEASE DO NOT USE the paypal link - they do not allow r_ffle items to be purchased through paypal.  So, purchase them in person at an event or at church or thru the mail. 

So, there is your update on all things Adoption Fundraiserish.  Yes, I just made that word up! :)   I hope you will be able to attend or participate in them!  We are looking forward to them all and can't wait to bring our son home!  Thank YOU for your help!

I am posting clarification as I have been getting lots of questions about when/how to donate. I hope this update helps!  Thank you EVERYONE for your questions!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day

What a day this is!  First of all thank you to all our service men and women who have fought to maintain our freedoms we have each and every day.  Your sacrifices are not unnoticed and are very much appreciated!  

I am thankful for so many, many things today.  I have been crying a lot this week.  To think of all the freedoms we have here in America and how we take them for granted so many times and to know of so many that are outside of America that do not have the freedoms or luxuries we have here.  My eyes have been opened up to a whole new world. 

I mean, I have always heard about how other countries are less fortunate and we should be grateful and have always just had a picture in my mind of what that would be.  I never really saw what that was and that it was still pevalent in modern day cultures.  I have seen pictures this week of a camp that some of the orphans from Sergiy's orphanage are at.. Now, when I went to camp and when I think of camp I think of lots of fun thing to do and see, horses, lakes, boats, toys, hiking, games, ropes courses and all kinds of other things... then, I saw the pictures of what these kids have as camp.  No luggage thrown about the cabin.. no extra clothes lying all over the place, no towels hanging over the bunks to dry, no shoes strown about.. beds not made with lots of snacks and souveniers all over them.. these kids have a bed, a blanket and a pillow.  Did you read that??  That's all I saw in the pictures.  These kids have their clothes and shoes on their person and that is it. 

They don't have all the extras.  They have what they have and are very grateful for it.  They take care of it and treasure it.  I have not been to the orphanage yet but I can't wait to get there and love on these kids.  To hear of how they have never had certain things that we take for granted here like playdough.. color wonder markers..barbies.. stuffed animals... things we just expect kids to know about and have and enjoy.. they don't have.  They are truly the forgotten ones.  My heart aches for these children.  Not just because of the material things they do not have b/c that is not what life is about but because they have no one.  They have no family, no freedom, nothing.  They live their days and weeks with no hope. 

The orphanage we are adopting from to my knowledge has only had 2 adoptions in recent years.. how sad.  These kids don't even believe that it is possible that someone cares about them and wants to come save them and give them a life outside of the orphanage.  How sad.  I have learned a lot already in this process and am so thankful God has us on this journey.  Our hearts and eyes have been opened and we are so blessed to have the opportunity to be able to help.. even one child at a time. 

We have been given the opportunity of a lifetime.. to give hope to a child.. to give life to a child.. to love a child.  My heart swells with love and hope and dreams for these kids.  Will you join me today in remembering the forgotten?  Will you think of how fortunate you are to have the freedoms we have to be with our families and those that love us and celebrate things like freedom?  To be able to worship the one true God and to do so freely? 

Please pray for these orphans.  Please pray for the families that will step up to the plate and help give hope to a child in need.  We CAN save them all.. one child at a time.. we CAN make a difference.  Happy Independence Day.  Thank you Lord for the abundance of grace, mercy and forgiveness you have bestowed upon us all.   Please be with these kids and prepare the hearts and homes of the many you have called to save these kids.  Help them to answer the call.  Amen.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

1 short week ago...

What a week it has been! One week ago today our lives changed! We decided to adopt Sergiy and one short week later we have a completed and approved home study, funds coming in, dates set for other fundraisers and paperwork being completed left and right! One week closer to meeting our son! Thank you Lord for blessing us so plentifully this week!

I know I haven't updated in a couple of days and it is not for lack of activity!  *after post, it has not even been a day but it seems like several.. lol*   We have been so busy with all the paperwork, planning and fundraising that I have not had much time to sit down and focus on the blog. I have lots of updating to do for you all on the Dinner that is coming up as well as letting you know that a Zumbathon is in the works too.  I will do that in another post. 

We are so blessed... beyond belief really!  God is so good!  He knows how hard it is for me to wait for things and how quickly I like things to happen and he really blessed us with being able to get our homestudy done so quickly.  I know that it was totally a God thing for us to be able to get in touch with the case worker and to get her here so quickly!  We called Sunday, she called back Monday and was here Tuesday!  Talk about awesome!  I am so thankful for that!  We have had our first several donations come in and that is great!! So neat to see people who are giving of their time, talents, funds and hearts.  We are truly grateful for all of you! 

Thank you!