Monday, June 28, 2010


Wow!  God is GOOD!  All the time and all the time God is GOOD!!! Thank you Lord for our son and for all the blessings and favor you have already sent our way. 

We made the announcement this morning and have already received and overwhelming outpouring of love and support from so many.  We have received funds from complete strangers and encouraging words from others.  It is amazing how God is putting this together!  Today was a paperwork day for sure! 

We had to get Bryan's passport ready for submitting and make sure we had his Birth Certificate and all the vital info for his parents and we were able to quickly obtain all that info.  Bryan had a little tangle in the line today when he went to the passport office and their machine would not run our card as a debit so he had to go get a money order.. what the lady failed to tell him was that he needed 2 money orders for different totals not one for the entire amount... so he'll have to try again tomorrow.  Oh well. 

Last night we filled out our application for adoption and commitment to adopt Sergiy (YAY) and left a message for the social worker to set up the home study.  Well, I just got a call from her and guess what?? Homestudy is scheduled for tomorrow night at 6pm!! YAY!!  God is so good!  I have known of many times where you had to wait days, weeks or even months to get a home study completed.  We got it on the books within 24 hours!   Praise the Lord!

We have also filled out our paperwork (as much as I know of it anyway) for the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) today.  Tomorrow will probably consist of spending some time at Vital Records to obtain copies of Mariage Liscense, Birth Certificates, Driver's Liscenses all that fun stuff. 

This ball is rolling and we are so very excited!   We need YOU now!  We need help with the funding of the adoption.  The homestudy alone is $750  the next step is to send of the USCIS paperwork and the fees needed for that are $830 .  We greatly appreciate your prayers and support.  Please share this site with your family and friends to get the word out to help bring Sergiy home from the orphanage where he can be loved and cared for.  We love him so much already and can't wait to bring him home.  Will you help us?

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