Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Raffling off an iPhone 4 and an Arbonne RE9 Advanced Set!!

YOU can help bring Sergiy home to his FOREVER Family!

    Here’s how~

1. Want to win an iPhone 4?
 We are giving away the latest
    And greatest iPhone 4!

* Requires new two-year AT&T wireless service contract, sold separately to qualified customers; credit check required; must be 18 or older.
      Giveaway tickets only $5!                   

2.  How about an Arbonne RE9      Advanced Set?            
Premier Anti-aging skincare      
Only $5 for a giveaway ticket!

***Contact Bryan or Alecia Horner at 405-863-7644,, purchase your giveaway tickets at any event for Sergiy or you can always mail donations to our home at 2008 Ridgewood Dr.  Moore, OK  73160***       PLEASE DO NOT USE PAYPAL FOR THE GIVEAWAY ITEMS
**Be sure to let us know which one you are entering!

Giveaways will be drawn on August 20, 2010 at our Dinner for Sergiy event - more details to come!!!

Puzzle Fundraiser!!

We are doing a "Puzzle Fundraiser" to raise the necessary funds to bring home Sergiy! We need to raise $25,000 in the next 2 to 3 months and we need your help.

We shopped all around and found a puzzle we all really like called "Old Glory" The neat thing about this puzzle is that it is a photomosaic.. meaning it is a big picture made up of many smaller pictures of things that happen here in the US. It is a perfect example of all the love and lovely things Sergiy will experience here in the US and is also a symbol of the freedom he is receiving by coming to America and his forever Family with us! :)

It has 1000 pieces. For every $10 donated to the Puzzle Fundraiser we will put 1 piece in the puzzle. We will be posting pictures of the progress every so often. When we have enough donations to finish the puzzle we will have raised $10,000 towards Sergiy's Adoption and we will have the finished puzzle posted on our website.

Every $10 donation for a puzzle piece will have the name of the person donating written on the back of the puzzle piece. We will keep the puzzle and he will be able to grow up and see all the names of people who donated to put that puzzle together for him and be a part of
bringing him home to his forever family.

There are a couple of ways that you can donate towards our puzzle fundraiser. First of all you can use the help bring Sergiy home button to make a donation on our blog Second, you can send us a message on Facebook and we will send you our contact info.

Thank you ahead of time if you are able to help us to make this HUGE step in bringing Sergiy home! There is a lot that has to happen to have the funds to bring him home and this is something we cannot do alone.

If you cannot donate at this time please pray for the process to go smoothly and for the needed funds to be raised and paperwork to be completed as quickly as possible. You can also help us by spreading the word about our journey and fundraiser with everyone you know by word of mouth, your blog, email or Facebook.

Remember only $10 helps put a piece of the puzzle together for our son.

Thank you so much for all your prayers, love and support of our journey to bring home our son Sergiy to his forever family!

Monday, June 28, 2010


Wow!  God is GOOD!  All the time and all the time God is GOOD!!! Thank you Lord for our son and for all the blessings and favor you have already sent our way. 

We made the announcement this morning and have already received and overwhelming outpouring of love and support from so many.  We have received funds from complete strangers and encouraging words from others.  It is amazing how God is putting this together!  Today was a paperwork day for sure! 

We had to get Bryan's passport ready for submitting and make sure we had his Birth Certificate and all the vital info for his parents and we were able to quickly obtain all that info.  Bryan had a little tangle in the line today when he went to the passport office and their machine would not run our card as a debit so he had to go get a money order.. what the lady failed to tell him was that he needed 2 money orders for different totals not one for the entire amount... so he'll have to try again tomorrow.  Oh well. 

Last night we filled out our application for adoption and commitment to adopt Sergiy (YAY) and left a message for the social worker to set up the home study.  Well, I just got a call from her and guess what?? Homestudy is scheduled for tomorrow night at 6pm!! YAY!!  God is so good!  I have known of many times where you had to wait days, weeks or even months to get a home study completed.  We got it on the books within 24 hours!   Praise the Lord!

We have also filled out our paperwork (as much as I know of it anyway) for the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) today.  Tomorrow will probably consist of spending some time at Vital Records to obtain copies of Mariage Liscense, Birth Certificates, Driver's Liscenses all that fun stuff. 

This ball is rolling and we are so very excited!   We need YOU now!  We need help with the funding of the adoption.  The homestudy alone is $750  the next step is to send of the USCIS paperwork and the fees needed for that are $830 .  We greatly appreciate your prayers and support.  Please share this site with your family and friends to get the word out to help bring Sergiy home from the orphanage where he can be loved and cared for.  We love him so much already and can't wait to bring him home.  Will you help us?

Sewing for Sergiy

Ok, so here's the first of many fundraising efforts to come!  I have taken a liking to sewing and have made some really fun things.  A few of them are these cute little aprons for the kids.  I can make adult ones as well and can make them out of any fabric or pattern you choose.  All proceeds from the aprons will go towards Sergiy's adoption costs.  Materials alone for the aprons shown in kids sizes come to $10.  I am asking $20 for kid's aprons and $25 for adult aprons.  If you would like to donate more you are more than welcome to do so.  Please email me or call me with your orders - I will need to know what size clothing you or the child you are purchasing for wears and will get to work for you.  Don't forget about Christmas - great Christmas presents for your kids / grandkids!  We can even get Christmas themed fabric! 

my email is or cell phone is 405-863-7644

Thank you in advance!

A new beginning

Well, the time has finally come!   After years and years of praying and waiting, God has blessed us and opened the door for us to adopt! God has blessed with our new son Sergiy.  Sergiy is an orphan in Eastern Europe.  We have had a long journey coming to this point and know that we have a long road ahead of us.  God is so good!  We have prayed and prayed for this time to come and now that it is here we have to get to work!  We have a mountain in front of us to scale and we will need lots of prayers and support.  If you have any ideas regarding any fundraising opportunities we might be able to do to raise the necessary funds to bring home our son we would love to hear them.  From my understanding at this point we will need to raise approximately $25,000 and have a few short months to do so.  How can you help?  By praying, donating and spreading the word to others who might be able to help. 

Sergiy is a 13 yr old boy currently in an orphanage in Eastern Europe.  He is actually best friends with a boy named Erik Micheal who is currently being adopted by our friends the Redmans.  We can't wait to be able to tell the boys that they will both be coming home to Oklahoma and be able to still be friends and be together here in the US.  We don't know a lot about him at this point other than what our friends have told us and what little info is given from the orphanage.  We do know this info: We know that his mother was a single and passed away before he entered the school. We know that he was in the orphanage since age of 7. He probably was in other orphanage for 1 year or 2 before that, but we don't have certain information. He is very good character. He is active and has a good sense of humor. He is never depressed and always in a good spirit. Intellectually he is very talented kid. He is bright and smart.

We just can't wait to bring him home.  We have filled out our initial paperwork and are waiting for the social worker to contact us regarding the home study.  Bryan will be completing his passport app today so we have the ball rolling.  We will be working very hard over the coming days to raise the funds to bring him home.  Our first feat is the home study.  We need $750 to complete the home study.  This is about 1/2 the price of the normal charge for the home study.  We are working with the Eli Project to bring Sergiy home.  You can visit their website at and make donations towards bringing Sergiy home.  If you do please let me know so we can make sure it is earmarked for Sergiy.  Thank you all in advance for your prayers and support! 
The New Horner Family
Bryan, Alecia, Sergiy, Austin, Alexis and Ayden Horner